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CompEx Certified

Over 30 years combined experience in off-shore electrical solutions

On & Offshore Electrical Services

Ex Elec have a specific mission of high quality installations primarily in the busy Oil, Gas, Petrochemical, Power, Nuclear, Water & Sewage industries. We make sure that everyone within our own and our clients business structure are important to us.


High quality electrical equipment installations in all sectors.


We help ensure your equipment is running safely and efficiently.


Schedule critical equipment inspections and avoid electrical disasters.


Get a professional opinion before expanding your infrastructure.

Give us a call on (+44) 7887 881 894

About Ex-Elec Scotland

We are a small UK based company, which specialise in installations for the Petrochemical Industry. Our employees are COMPEX trained and have many years experience of installing and inspecting ex certified equipment. We can carry out any type of work both onshore and offshore.

We strive to build up a strong and lasting relationship with our clients on continuous improvements and deliveries.

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